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  • Publicado : 2 de octubre de 2010
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In the universe culture conform the 570 municipal of the entity, juchitan Oaxaca is a sun with it’s own planets.
Juchitan is the fire perenne illuminate the justice andthe identity, don’t just the ‘’ethnic zapoteca’’ just the all native of nation.juchitan is intensity, light and reason. Cultures emerge with telluric strong under the “huipil” of theirs women andexpand humid and suffocate by all space of sky to earth.
Juchitan ride horseback in the history and go of the epic to glorious. It’s sons always they fight with their blood by defend their culture andliberty. Town of people participate and defending “of de own”. Place where, flowers all the withes flowers. Where women sing and dance and the night listen attentive the rub of her wrinkle skirt in thefine notes of the sons.
It’s original name was “”xihitlan”what mean “place of the flowers” later change it’s name to xhavizende what mean “place of san Vicente” mean in Mexican “place of whiteflowers” literally garden of flower etymologic xochitl “flower”; Tlan “Lugar” .but it’s really name is Ixtaxochitlan what mean “place of the white flowers” ixta mean “white”xochitl” flower” tlan “place”.Juchitan was raised in 1480 by solders of tlatuani zapoteco cosijopi and the local congress declare free municipal 15 of march1825 by number decret 47. The juchitan history it lose in the dark ofthe times, since just be clear what in 1484 was know by Mexicans with the name Ixta cuachititlan what was conquered by Axayacat taltuani of México Tenochtitlan, after cosijoeza Tlatuani de zaachila;people lived there by zaachileñosin 1502.
The more colorful of patrimony culture juchitan is the cotidiane live of it´s own people. Patrimony intangible is the more important. It´s market, it´splaces it´s, streets, its.partys, it´s uses and custom make to juchitan with a special flavor. Here the people live insensitive each minute and “The gozation existential” is present here, even in the...
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