Cultural organization

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The article highlights the importance of having a safe working culture within an organization. The author insists that there has to be a good relationship and cooperation within thestaffs so as to ensure profitability. Cooperation is a significant requirement that will ensure high productivity among the work force. This is due to the fact that it will benefit both the staffs andthe organization. It also lays down the appropriate code of behavior that the staffs must have in order to ensure growth in the organization. It accords the management of any organization as having agreater responsibility to ensure that there is a good environment to enable the coordination of efforts and other factors of production within an organization.

The article highlights the healthcareexperiences, values and beliefs behind an efficient management of an organization. For this reason, there are many people within an organization from different backgrounds in terms of religion. It isimportant to bring together these experiences and concepts because it will enhance the working environment. The culture is composed of set of principles that will cover all the employees in anorganization. It will also guide them on the appropriate action to take in different situations that may arise in the course of performing their duties.

Organizational structure is generally theassociation and the interrelationship between factors that affects the working environment in any organization. It defines how the staffs relate to each other for the betterment of the organization and alsotheir personal growth. A good organizational culture is that which considers both the interests of the staffs and the organization to be an important factor. Therefore due to the fact that anorganization is composed of people of different backgrounds, it stipulates the behavior that will unify all the members. This is aimed by ensuring that there is good and effective cooperation among the...
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