Cultural sensitive

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Ethnorelative 2
Stages of the DMIS

The developmental model of intercultural sensitivity implies a developmental progression in a individual’s awareness and understanding of culturedifference. There are six stages in this model which they are: denial, defense, minimization, acceptance, adaptation and integration. This model is mainly to view the diverse world. It alsoidentifies problems that may be important to individuals at each developmental level. As people’s experience of cultural differences becomes more sophisticated, some other people’s competence inintercultural relationships is strengthened. We can identify each stage by specific behaviors and attitudes. These stages are breakdown in two section:
1. The Ethnocentric, which has the first three stages.2. The Ethnorelative, which has the second three stages.
An ethnocentric orientation involves the interpretation of events and behaviors from one’s own cultural viewpoint. The ethnocentric stages areview as a way to avoid cultural difference by denying the existence of differences, by using defenses against difference, or by minimizing the importance of difference (Bennett, 1993).Ethnorelative 3
An ethnorelative is based on “the assumption that cultures can only be understood relative to one another and that particular behavior can only be understood within a culturalcontext” (Bennett, 1993). The stages under the ethnorelative are viewed to understand the importance of difference , by accepting people’s own perspective to take into account the perspective of others, or byintegrating the importance of differences into people’s own identity.
I placed myself into the second three stages, the thnorelative stages. Acceptance is simple the acknowledgment thatdifferences exist, and they are important, and we should respect them. I am a multicultural person already. I am from Panama City, Panama. I’ve always been around people from different countries...
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