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  • Publicado : 4 de diciembre de 2011
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Essay on the culture / CHRISTMAS

The management of Santa Claus, commercially, is out of its true meaning to a date celebrated throughout the Western world. In my day, more children than thosetimes, when I was elementary, we devoted ourselves to put some decals on cars with the legend:? Christmas is not Christmas without Christ?. The sentence is not false because the word just means birth andis celebrated is that of the infant Christ and in Christian thought is the promise of salvation from original sin committed by our first parents sin of pride, that somehow or we made all other men atall levels.

Each religion has its religious landmarks that make up the reason for individuals and whose only support is faith. Because faith is not demonstrated, would discuss whether belief moresense or not. And nothing is believed or not believed. What you can not make clear is that the date is a cultural landmark that gives meaning to the year as a beginning and an end, which is the sameas making sense within our lives where, along with the new year, is purposes are to improve awareness and analysis to learn about our mistakes.

Religious or not, at this time of year renews thecovenant of coexistence among men. Families gather, sensitivity exalts individualism folds and think of others. It is cultivated in children's fantasy, is the time of year when they know they will receivea present, but also some kind of fantasy develops in adults because it is also the time of year to think about the possibility of human brotherhood.
It is the time possibly think of to make peaceand that no one agrees to be away from home. At least it feels horrible being away from home and not yours. (I experienced it for work). This word is yours, takes a very special sense, no matter who hasfights for the rest of the year, 24 to 25, is separate bridge reminds you belong to a family that is the same as remind you belong to mankind.
Management is the representation of the constant...
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