Culture of death

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What is wrong with the world? Wars, death, murderers, suicides… Haven´t you thought everything is going crazy? Sometimes I do, and that is when I ask myself what is causing all these. There are times when I wonder how a mother is capable of killing her own children, or how a son is able to kill his father so that he won´t suffer anymore… That is when we can clearly notice that we are living in asociety managed by the culture of death. We have stopped watching people as thinking creatures created by God, a whole compound of soul and body.

As I was thinking, I was able to find 4 specific manifestations of the culture of death in our world nowadays, and especially in Mexico, and they are: abortion, euthanasia, suicide and contraception.

First, the worst crime committed in thehistory of the humanity: Abortion. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, abortion can be defined as “the intentional ending of a pregnancy, usually by a medical operation”. I always question myself how we got to where we are. No matter what I’ve done, no matter what I’ve become, my parents are the 2 persons in the world that will always love me. So, when did all changed? Since when do mothers have the“right” to kill their own children? The Abortion rate registered in Mexico City is of 33 out of 1000 women, this is higher than the global rate which is 29 /1000. This number is 64% higher than 10 years ago. And this is “logical”; now it is not only your right to get an abortion, but it is the doctors’ obligation. If only mothers knew what they are really doing (killing not only a PERSON, buttheir CHILD), would they still do it?

Euthanasia is another polemic topic but, what is it? The word “euthanasia” refers to “the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering.” But are we really doing so? Since when do we think we have the responsibility to choose who lives and who dies? The “assisted suicide” has been a theme of debate in the last years, sincepoliticians decided that it would be a “nice thing to do” to help sick people from suffering, forgetting that their duty is to see for their citizens’ wellbeing. Whether it is voluntary or not, mercy killing or assisted suicide, it is a direct attempt against life Netherlands, the first country in which euthanasia was legal, has now a problem because 15% of the deaths are caused by an assistedsuicide. In 2010 some citizens presented an initiative called “Out of Free Will”, demanding that all people over 70 who “felt tired of life”, could have the right to end it with professional help. Obviously most people over 70 are tired, but is that a justification to encourage them to commit a “legal suicide”?
Although euthanasia and abortion are the most debated and commented themes, theyaren’t the only direct attack to life. We don’t often think of suicide as something bad but sad because, as far as it concerns us, it is a person’s decision to commit suicide. But do we really know the impact of suicide in the world? Over one million people die from suicide every year. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that it is the 13th leading cause of death worldwide. It is a cause ofdeath among teenagers and adults under 35. Life is a gift, not a right. When we receive a gift, we don’t throw it away, even if we don’t like it because, after all, it was a present. The same thing happens with life, even if we think it is unbearable, there is always a reason to keep moving forward. There are over 10 million non-fatal attempted suicides every year worldwide, and the worst part? Wedon’t do anything about it as long as it doesn’t happen to anyone we love. Do we want to wait that long?

And last but not least, contraception. Contraception is any kind of method used to prevent pregnancy or even to disrupt fertilization while it is happening, in other words, an abortion. We all know about this, and the worst part is that we all can get them just as easy as it would be to...
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