Culture shock

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lways so positive; she was just like Mum! But she wasn’t
a bad sister, she
never told Mum about the bad things Paloma did. “London will be great because interestingthings happen there,” continuedMarta. As usual, her sister was trying to look on the positiveside. But it was much easier for her. Marta wasn’t i
nterested in any boys and her friends wereso boring. It would not be difficult toleave them.
Eva said that Marta was pretty and it was strange she didn’t have a boyfriend. Eva had
opinions on everything.
“We should go home now,” said Marta. “Dad is real
ly worried about you andMum is upset
too. It’s nod Dad’s fault. The problem is his job. You know we can’t change things. We mustaccept it!”

“But Marta, I’m going to miss Eva,” Paloma tried to explain. “She’s my bestfriend and…”

“Oh, Paloma!” said Marta.

“You’ll make other friends in England. Eva’s very arrogant and shetries to control you! I think it will be good for you to separate from her… she’s a badinfluenceon you”.

“You don’t understand anything,” said
Paloma. But she stood up and followed her sister home.
Chapter 2
Paloma had done everything she could think of to stop the move. She hadcomplained,shouted and cried, but that hadn't helped. They were going to England in August and she couldnot change it! Her father was upset and her mum was angry with her. Even Marta was losingpatiencewith Paloma.In May, her parent and David went to find a house with a garden in London. A house with agarden made the idea of living in England a little better for Paloma. She didn't have a gardeninSpain.Paloma stayed at Eva's house while her parents were away. The two girls spent hours talkingabout Paloma's move to London. Eva said the she would miss her. "You're my best friend," hesaid. "It willbe terrible without you".Paloma also talked to Eva about her relationship with Daniel. It was going well, and Palomabelieved that they were getting closer every day. Daniel had come to her house a...