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  • Publicado : 6 de junio de 2011
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There are many influences in the elements that created English language; every single tribe that invaded the English territory brought different elements during the years. Some ofthem were more important, because they built most of the basis in order to form English language in each stage. Tribes like the Romans, Normans, and Danish were essential for the dialect andvocabulary, but a tribe was not so important, because English people took very few structures of his language in order to create English vocabulary. The Celtic tribe and his language welsh did not have agreat impact on English language, but it has elements that stand in that culture.
Within the contributions of Celtic tribe, and welsh we can find a lot of names used basically for towns, rivers, lakes,etc… and that belongs to an important part of the cultural heritage in England basically. Towns such as London, York and Lincoln, also rivers like Thames, and yare. If we think about the constructionof many words in English language, we will finally discover that many combinations were related to words that corresponded to welsh.
The efficiency of Celtic language was demonstrated during theperiod of old English; because many words or morphemes as well, were taken with the purpose of create a dialect, but after that and meanwhile the Normans came to Britain, Celtic language became lessand less important, because started the period of middle English. Middle English introduced concepts taken for French and it worked for upper classes in Britain, so during the years welsh was separatedfrom English.
After all these years, we can find few influences related to welsh into English, but many of them are essential part from British heritage. With the invasion of Normans, and thepredominance of other tribes, Celtic language was losing his strength and importance, but still we recognize that it was not a language that did not give anything in order to create English language.
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