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  • Publicado : 4 de noviembre de 2010
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This congress was for me an excellent point of knowledge because we had talks with the speakers and they were experts on their own area of study butgathering all their information in to a congress I think it’s the best because in my case I gain lots of information that enriched me and my knowledge.

I will emphasize only on the speeches that I likedmore because there were some that I really don’t liked.

Dr. Luis Ernesto Derbez was the first speaker and he gave us a talk about International Economy of central America that was a great talk, heemphasized in five points if Mexico want to become a leader that are:

• International trade
• Security
• Migration
• Integration
• Multilateral cooperation

The second speech was about astrategic economic integration agreement between Mexico and Brazil where Sergio Augusto de Abreu de Lima Florencio Sobrinho the Brazils ambassador explain a little about what is doing to increase theeconomy in Brazil and show a lot of numbers about Brazils statistics about their GDP.

The other speech that I liked was about the Electronic trade and the speaker was Lic. Miguel Angel Peralta Aguilarwho touch a very interesting theme because technology is changing and evolving everyday so we need to take it and incorporate it with the business if we want to evolve and the idea he presented thatthe code bars will be replaced with chips it may be expensive but its a great idea because you have a total control on your inventory and a better way to administrate a company.

Other speech that Iliked was the one of the success stories with the Lic. Eduardo Lopez about what FedEx do to be distinguished of the competitors and they really thought on the client, because they started differentways to ship packages, letters, etc. And in FedEx you really can find the way you want to send everything.

So this four talks were the ones that I really liked because they touched more the point of...