Curiosidades animales

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  • Publicado : 10 de mayo de 2011
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Curiosities of animals
-Though the cayman can close his jaws strongly sufficiently as to break the arm of a person, the muscles that open them are so weak,that a man can keep closed the mouth of an adult -lizard only with a hand.
-The animal mas sleepy is the Koala, sleeps 22 hours per day.
-The bees are bornwith the same size that they have along her life.
-The mosquitos have forty seven teeth.
-The shark whale has more than 4,500 teeth.
-The heart of a canarylate up to 1,000 times per minute.
-The flies have 15,000 gustatory papilas, in the legs.
-The size of the brain of a crocodile is equal to that of the thumbof a person.
-The major crustacean of the world is the giant crab of Japan. Though his body measures only 33 cm, his legs exceed 5 meters.
-The human beinghas more than 600 muscles. One more caterpillar of 2,000.
-A crocodile cannot stick out.
-In a study of 200 thousand ostriches for a period of 80 years, in nocase there was brought that one of them was putting the head under land it was not even trying it.
-It is physically impossible for the porks to look at thesky.
-Neither the rates nor the horses can be sick.
-The rates multiply so rapidly that in 18 months, two rates can have more than one million descendants.-It is possible to guide to a cow up of a few steps, but it is not possible to do it down because the knees of the cows cannot double of a way adapted to travelslope below.
-The cockroach can live nine days without her head, before dying of ... hunger.
-The elephants are the mammalian only ones that cannot jump.
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