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  • Publicado : 24 de febrero de 2010
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My intention in this article is explain why the people mistreat the animal,considering that one of the reasons of this evil that invade many people is the lack of brings back to consciousness towards the respect by the nature, this is demonstrated for example when people use theskin of the animal to make expensive shelters, in circuses to amuse the people and in the worse cases they use animals for medical research. One second reason is related to the bad conduct that adultsshow. One third important reason is present the organizations that exist against animal mistreat as PETA.

People with bad behavior or low consciousness towards nature, they mistreat animals thatexist in our planet for example in the fights of roosters in corralejas, in bullfights. These are shows where the animals are disrespected and put under diverse sacrifices.

Did you know that thecruelty with animals and the human violence have a direct relationship? Unfortunately some people who deals with cruelty to the animal are copying actions that have been learned when they were children.It is our responsibility to teach children mistreating animals is dangerous for them. We should remember every day that with owns life.

If you allow that your boy mistreats an animal, kill a loungelizard or small bird, you should teach him that kill it is well and, therefore, that the life is valid to need the respect, being developed in aggressive tendencies towards the defenseless livingbeings. It is important that with much tenderness it helps to develop sensitivity in the children and corrects who them when they try to mistreat an animal, teaching them so such behavior never isacceptable.

Different organizations exist to denounce all the types of mistreat animal one of them is the PETA Association (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), that is the one in charge to...
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