Curriculum means

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Developing curriculum means
This chapter hast two general purposes
1. Show the different considerations that are made in deciding on learning opportunities-books, materials, experiences,activities, programs and the like.
2. Analyze and compare the procedures that are used by technologists, humanists, social reconstructionist, and academicians in developing instructional materials andprograms.

A curriculum conflict:
Learning activities as Means or Ends?
In the curriculum field, as in travel, some people find their joy in the journey, in movement, and other prize the destinationand value the opportunities involved in getting there only to the extent that they contribute to goal attainment. Theorists such as Mauritz Johnson, James Popham and Marvin Alkin define curriculum asthe destination. They regard the planning and implementation of strategies for achieving ends as instruction or means.
Other theorist such as James MacDonald and James Raths tend to prize learningopportunities, sometimes called learning experiences. These theorists define worthwhile opportunities as those, which are relevant to the student’s purposes, give students opportunities to makeinformed choices and moral.

Implications of conflict
Those who view learning opportunities as instrumental select and design activities that are most likely to have the desired consequences.
Those whoview activities as ends are the expressive or humanists; they see learning activities as expressions of individuality, significant as such. They tend to be process-oriented and believe that curriculumperson can accept responsibility only for offering the best of conditions, not for controlling the behavior of others or effecting outcomes that are likely to be unpredictable.

InstructionalPlanning at Macro Levels
Those responsible for curriculum development at the macro level for an entire school system or an institution selects general categories of opportunities that are called Domains...
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