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Curriculum vitae
The Latin term curriculum vitae, résumé in Spanish, which literally means "race of life", by analogy and contrast to honorum cursus, the career of Roman magistrates. Forsimplification we use the term curriculum, while sometimes you can find Curriculum vitae et Studiorum (race of life and studies). With all these we mean the set of experiences (work, educational, experiential)of a person. Commonly applied in the job search, presentation indispensable requisite to apply for employment in most positions.
CV Types
In addition to the various formats that everyone can givetheir own curriculum, there are several standard curriculum set by government institutions.
In addition, depending on the mode of organization of information, the curriculum vitae can be of three types:Chronological order is the curriculum vitae of the earliest to most recent. It is not recommended when you have changed jobs frequently.
Reverse: to highlight the recent work experience.Recommended if this is related to the job to which we aspire.
Thematic or functional: to clean up the resume by thematic blocks. Recommended when the experience is very sparse or when there are large spaces oftime which has not worked.
In some cases you can also talk about a curriculum combined or mixed. In this case, the information is organized thematically while maintaining the timing (or reversechronological) within each block.
Currículum vitae
El currículum vitae término latino, resumen en español, que literalmente significa "raza de la vida", por analogía y contraste con cursus honorum, lacarrera de los magistrados romanos. Para simplificar se utiliza el currículo plazo, aunque a veces se puede encontrar Curriculum vitae et studiorum (carrera de la vida y estudios). Con todas estas nosreferimos al conjunto de experiencias (trabajo, educación, experiencia) de una persona. Se aplica habitualmente en la búsqueda de empleo, presentación requisito indispensable para solicitar empleo...
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