Curso para profesores de ingles

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Lesson 1

Chapter 1 
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Annie Hughes talking about the ELT Advantage course An Introduction to Teaching English to Young Learners(videoscript)"Hello, my name is AnnieHughes and welcome to the ELT Advantage course An Introduction to Teaching English to Young Learners. In this course you will learn about teaching English as a foreign or additional language to young learners from three to 12 years old. You will consider how young learners develop cognitively, how they learn languages, and how your understanding of these two areas can help guide you in your role as ateacher of young learners and a teacher of language. Whenever possible, this course will combine theory with practice in providing examples that will help illustrate how you can teach language to young learners in your classroom. In the 12 lessons, you will be introduced to ways of teaching the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), as well as techniques for using stories,songs and rhymes, games and role-play in your classroom. You will also consider the role of assessment and evaluation in teaching English to young learners.You may be working in an English as an Additional, Foreign or Second Language (EAL, EFL or ESL) situation. To teach English in any of these settings we need to consider the same overall issues about teaching and learning and so this coursewill be useful to you in any of these teaching environments, whether you are an experienced teacher wanting to refresh and reflect on your understanding of teaching English to young learners or a new teacher."  |

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Annie Hughes talking about how young learners learn(videoscript)"In this lesson, we will take a look at how young learners developand learn, how they learn language, and then how they learn a new language. We will particularly be looking at the needs of young learners and what we must keep in mind if we want to teach them. Additionally, we will be thinking about different types of young learners and considering that we all learn in very different ways." |

An Overview of Teaching English to Young Learners
Teaching Englishto young learners (TEYL), including children within the 3-12 age range, in a meaningful and memorable way requires a person to understand how children learn and how they learn languages. In this lesson, we will look at some theories of how children learn and develop and how they might learn an additional, foreign or second language. In the next lesson, we will consider the implications thesetheories about learning have for teaching English to young learners.
An approach to TEYL
To begin, we will briefly consider important issues we need to be aware of so that we can get a clear overview of what is involved in TEYL. To illustrate this, I shall use a diagram (see Figure 1.1) to show how a number of building blocks (each representing a different part of language learning and teaching) canbe placed together to create a structure that can represent our approach to TEYL. By stacking these blocks one on top of the other, we can consider how each is crucial for the support and development of the next in this tower of understanding.

Figure 1.1 Building blocks of understanding in teaching English to young learners
As you can see from Figure 1.1, the foundation block, which supportsall the other blocks and is crucial to the strength of this tower of understanding, is How young learners develop and learn and learn languages. After looking at how learning takes place, we can examine more carefully what is involved in teaching with Implications for teaching English to young learners. Then, we can consider the various teaching techniques which can be implemented to help...
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