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Adverb Clauses

1. Wherever there are computers, there is Microsoft software.
2. After the fruit is harvested, it is sold at themarket.
3. I didn't call her because I'm shy.
4. She took a computer course so that she could get a better job.
5. Although Jay has a Master's degree,he works as a store clerk.
6. If you save your money, you will go to college.
7. We watched the robins while they raised their young in our apple tree.8. Becky read the book since a friend recommended it.
9. Dad donates his suits to charity after he has worn them a year.
10. The policemen delayed thedrivers until the wrecks were cleared.
11. Ann ate an apple as she studied her vocabulary.
12. Before Frank started medical training, he drove a forkliftfor his livelihood.
13. Because the rains had started the mud slides, the homes were not safe to live in.
14. While they feed the birds and visit, olderpeople sit in the park and love every minute of it.
15. When I was much younger, I enjoyed the company of rats and spiders.

Reduced adverb clauses

1. Ihad an accident while driving past the Olympic pool. (I had an accident while I was driving past the Olympic pool.)
2. Even though hungry, she didn’t eat thepie. (Even though she was hungry, she didn’t eat the pie.)
3. While watching the geese, he saw the fox.
4. Richard got a thorn in his finger when pruningthe roses.
5. The customer paid for his groceries when passing through the check out stand.
6. Allen is only happy while participating in an argument.
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