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  • Publicado : 29 de febrero de 2012
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My Biggest Issues
Since three years ago, I have been having the same problem of how to make a paper. Many people think that it is easy to make a paper because they were born in the UnitedStates, or most of them know English. They do not know how difficult is to deal with the English. I have had many problems that I had to deal, such as, the grammar, Ro on, comma splice, sentencestructure, organization, content, word choice, and so on, but thank God I had been able to overcome many obstacles.
I would like to know how I could improve my skills, and English because I would liketo acquire more knowledge. I would like to know how I could lose the fear. Also, I would like to get imagination, and I would like to learn how I could be concentrate in class because my mind alwaysis thinking in other things while I try to be concentrate. I would grateful if you could help me.

Cindy Gil
Ms. Adrianne Fisher
10 February 2012
Most children know about facebook wether it’s because of parents. Siblings or family members that have spoke about it around them. There’s alsothose children who have a facebook, instant messaging or have a cellphone/smarphone. Cyberbullying usually starts in any social network or even by text messaging. Cyberbullying is similar as regularbullying because cyberbullying involves the online community that is world wide. While bullying on a more personal level, that involves physical encounters with one another. There’s two forms ofcyberbullying “with direct cyberbullying, messages are transmitted from the bully to the victim; whereas with indirect cyberbullying, the instigator enlists others to bully the victim (LI 2007; pg89). Manycyberbullies do both and with getting others to bully the victim it has a much bigger effect on that victim. When a person is bullied online and face to face which is what happens in most cases they...
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