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Jake Collins and the Declining Sun

Now that I’m an old man, I can finally say what really happened in that case, because what newspapers said was a lie, but before I start to tell the story, I must make clear two things, the first is that what happened inside the Del Solar family wasn’t my business, so I won’t talk about that stuff, the second thing is to say that I had always been loyal tomy values, so I don’t regret of anything I did.

Everything began 60 years ago, I was drinking a coffee with my brother when the captain’s assistant came in and told us that the captain was looking for us.
-He must be kidding- I murmured.
-Don’t be like that-said Patrick –you love to be needed- he added laughing.
-Yes, but correct me if I’m wrong, but this is our free day.- I answered, but heonly laugh at me, if anyone ever came to know me, that was my beloved brother Patrick, and now, years after, I realize that though I was the leader and the oldest, he was who took care of me, the loyal and wise, always the most good for the two.
When we get to the office there was a young woman talking with the captain, around 27 years, she had a Spanish air, but her accent was Latin, she hadthe appearance of having cried, and her voice sounded extremely worried, and afraid.
-Detectives, please sit- said the captain pointing to two chairs in front the desk, in his voice you could see that he was disturbed, and he wasn’t a man that you could scared easily.
-This is Miss Elena Del Solar- he said pointing to the lady –his brother has just been kidnapped, the kidnapper didn’t asked formoney, nor other rescue, he just let this letter, in which he says that a “monumental change is about to happen and the only one who can help, will be just who detonated it”.-said and give me the letter, it was written on parchment with ink made from natural vegetable dyes, and it had no sign.
-Well Miss Del Solar, I’ll need you to tell me the facts, every little detail is of vital importance.- Isaid to the lady.
-The problem detective, is that I wasn’t there- she answered-I was all the week in Texas, and when I arrived to my house it was all disordered, like if there had been a fight, and my brother wasn’t there, then in his bed I found the letter.- she cried.
I asked permission to search the house, and effectively, it was all a mess, with exception of the table, that was clean, andthere was a lemon and a candle on the top.
-lemon… candle… hot… lemon… that’s it!- I shouted and take the letter from my pocket, and smell it, it wasn’t the ink what gave that smell to the letter, on the left corner of the paper the smell was stronger, I turned on the candle and approach the paper to the flame, a message began to appear:
Dear Detective Collins:
I can see that this letter hasarrived to your hands, I must warned you that there is not a good side in this case, but one will hurt less people than the other, is up to you.
Pd: You’ll receive a surprise when you get home, remember… I’m watching you.
Then my brother entered into the room, and rushed me the letter. –Would you ´please tell me why are you burning the evidence?!- He shouted.
Patrick, I think that we are treatingwith a psycho-I told him.-Why do you think that?-he asked.
I told him what the letter said and his face suddenly get pale.-Oh my God!-he shouted-That’s why it happened!-
-What happened?- I asked.-I can’t tell you now, you must come immediately to the hospital- he answered me.
In the way to the hospital Patrick told me that someone said to Miss Del Solar that I needed to talk to her, and shecame to our house, there someone attacked her, fortunately, someone helped her, but the aggressor scaped.
The doctor gave a letter that the victim had with her when they brought her.
Dear detective:
This is my last warning for you, stay out of this, if you won’t, you’ll pay it, If you don’t believe that there are not good in this case, check the neck of Elena, but before you do that do a...
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