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“Dada comes as a total ideology, as a way of life and as an absolute rejection of
any tradition or previous scheme. In the background is an anti-humanism humanism understood the earlier tradition, both philosophical and artistic or literary”. (Marcel Duchamp)

Dada is a movement that starts in Zurich, was born at and developed inside the coffee house “Cabaret Voltaire”. This movement was created by Hugo Ball, first in a poetic and literature arts, but many artists of different types of art took part and made it to expand the ways that the movement could has take part, alsothis creation had the intention to reattribute to the community and have an impact to get easier in order to understand that art can change people thoughtless trough by the ways of games based in ludism and its essence in their art led to very free and inventive ways of doing things.

One more goal on this movement rather considered to get shared was to brake with all the rules established by the institution, I’m refer to the concept that people had about the art at the renaissance, also trying to get change the contemporaneous (at those moment) concept of modern art, all of this means this style of art want to rise against the system with the clearintention to create and develop and new concept of art if we want to see it by this way.

This kind of concept is based and inspirited in a certain way of thoughts that change all the perspective of life we have, this means that has a caos, around all that describe, all that pretend to say and its in out of context, pretending to say all the ideas that anyone must have are expressed by an uncontrollable impulse , and with this rise a thought doesn’t accept any slaved impose by the common senesce of reason, taking for example a rhizome that can change all the possibilities and create a lot of ways finish with the logical concept of daily behave, and this is [continua]

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