Daedra civilization

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more than twenty five thousand years ago, the isle currently known as Suva was inhabited by incredibly advanced beings known as Daedra, who believed that their advancement was more developed into the magical ways of life. The Daedra developed two rally important qualities, those qualities were intelligence and an incredible ability to foresee the future in a somewhat riddle manner.
But theirincredible intelligence and power soon came to the attention of Argonis, who was referred to as "The Fallen Titan" by his people. After Argonis beheld the skills of the known Daedra he decided he wanted them to make them the generals from his army for his later plans to control the whole region, so he went to the three leaders of the Daedra; Kajiit, Velen, and Earon.
Argonis then offered to themeven more knowledge and power beyond imaginable like if they were to be chosen ones or almighty, the Daedra being less advanced than the Argonians analyzed the situation and decided that the offer Argonis made was kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity offer so they agreed.
Taking into account that not only did the Daedric leaders were betraying their people but they also knew that by acceptingthe offer made by Argonis they were bringing a world of pain and suffering and destruction upon their people, but it was not long after that when Velen was really thinking of what they just did he started thinking that it was not fair to his people what they were doing but they did it anyways and even though Velen tried to warn and convince Kajiit and Earon to change their minds the 2 leader figuresof the Daedra had already given in to Argonis' offer.
With the new power to control legions of soldiers given to the 2 leaders who swore allegiance to Argonis, Kajiit and Earon, Velen knew that any kind of resistance against them or any kind of betrayal towards them would be useless and would without a doubt fail and end up either a slave or dead, and this was not something Velen wanted so hekept thinking.
After a long time of thinking he thought he should just give up, but according to the scrolls written by the ancient Daedra, A'dal Appeared before one of the many Ark'neic gods that were the rulers and had the shape of a being composed of pure energy and light that signified salvation or help shed some light upon Velen and told him that he, A'dal, could help him and his people getaway from the terrible army Argonis was setting up to overtake the whole region and put Velen and his people in another island where they could start over and then be safe and away from the war.

So after Velen accepted the help of the Ark'neic god A'dal, the god took them to their new home where they started over and began a new life with an oath and that oath was about turning around the eventsthat were about to come, win the war find allies and never give up, but also to get back a big part of their "family" who not only joined Argonis army and cause but also took two leaders with them, the two new generals of Argonis' legion. Before the Ark'neic gods left they blessed the Daedra with new believes and they filled them with hope that all would again return to how it was before but thatit was going to take a lot of effort and time. whether they thought it was the Ark'neic go who saved them they actually in a state of mind known as Fade-Arkuu they built rafts and sailed to their new home because of thousands of years of living in an island they had become a really good sailing culture.
After a few years of the new beginning of the Daedra, the "Fallen Titan" Argonis wasn'twasting his time just lying around waiting for miracles to happen but instead he started to look for allies who were weaker in mind but that were stronger in number and brute force so he gazed upon a huge dominant race that controlled a big part of the current region they controlled what now a days is known and Australia and also what is now known as New Zealand, this race was known to the other...
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