Daily activities

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Name: Carla Alfaro Menares
Class: English
Teacher: Carolina Aguirre
Date: July 20 Th, 2010

Daily activities
A-. In themorning
I get up at 7:00 o click am. Then I go to the bath to pee.Then I take a shower. Then I dress. I place underwear, Trousers, tee shirt, Sweater. Then I combmy hair and makeup.
B-. At noon
I continue in classes. Then I go out to give a return. I go to the bath. Then I smoke a cigarette. Then I say goodbye ofmy friends and I go away.
C-.In the afternoon
I am in my house. Then I listen to music. Then I help to wash crockery. Then I do my room. Then I have tea withmy family. Then I go to bed to sleeping.


A-.In the morning
1. Who awakes you up?
R: Nobody does.
2. What time doyou wake up?
R: I get up at 7:00 o clock am.
3. Since you dress?
R: With jeans, tee skirt, sweater.
4. Do you take a showerin the morning?
R: If take a shower.
B-.At noon
1. To the half day where you are?
R: In classes.
2. That you do tothe half day?
R: I smoke a cigarette.
3. For which it goes out of classes?
R: To the bath.

C-.In the afternoon
1. Where heis the evening?
R: I am in my house.
2. Do you help in your house?
R: To washing the crockery.
3. That you do the when in yourhouse?
R: I do my room.

* What activity do you hate to do?
R: I hate cooking.

* What activity do you love to do?
R: I love shopping.
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