Daily workout

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A Daily Workout.
General Purpose: To demonstrate.
Specific Purpose: To demonstrate to my audience a daily workout.
Central Idea: It is important to maintain in shape in order to have a healthybody.
I. This video is effective for you to have a tone and a built body.
Transition: Let’s start by mentioning the materials.

I. The first step is to gather the materials.A. In order to complete this project we need to have essential and important materials.
1. A Running Machine.
2. A Pull up Machine.
3. A Biceps Machine.
4. An Abs Machine.
5. The Back Machine
6.Leg Machine.
7. The shoulder machine.
8. Stability ball
9. Extreme leg machine
B. Additional Materials.
1. Running shoes
2. Sport shorts
3. Sport shirt
4. Towel
5. Bottle of waterTransition: Now that we have all the materials, we can start our daily workout.
II. The second step is to go to the gym and start working on the running machine.
A. The most important idea of running is toburn calories and fat.
B. There are different forms of using the running machine according of how much calories or fat you want to burn.
1. You can incline or decline the machine.
2. You canincrease or decrease the speed of the machine.
3. You can automatically put the number of calories that you want to burn.
4. You can choose the number of minutes that you want to use the machine.
C.Running can make you lose weight and be warmed up for the next work out.
Transition: Now that you burned calories and warmed up, we can start by doing other work, like the pull up machine.
III. Thethird step is to go on the pull up machine.
A. You can work out your triceps.
B. It is good for your back.
C. It also work outs your shoulders.
Transition: We are doing well for now, but we needto do some abs.
IV. The fourth step is to work on your abs.
A. It is good for you to maintain in shape
B. It helps you to have a good posture.
C. It helps you to have a build and strong body...
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