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Damun essay

Damun is very important not only for our school because it takes models like general assembly, special conference and security council, but for others schools too, Damun helps studentsto get a lot of good attitudes of working in team, have a lot more of responsabilities, doing a good work not only of representing your country but your school too.
More important, to our planet, ithink that we have to take concience and take important decisions about different cases that affect our planet or countries and our lifes all of it are important to get better life style if we dontdo anything we can’t have bases to incress the possition of the develop contries in different cases we have to investigate about our country and talk about the problems that we have with or withoutdifferent countries, also Damun is important to the students because it show us how to make debates, write resolutions and to take a good relation with the others students, the damun help us to be moreorganizated and to be responsable with taking care about our own lifes and our own future thats how we want to live so i think its very important to me in personal that I want to study politics it’s avery good opportunity to take out all de nervous that I have about speaking in front of a lot of people, also it helps me to have a little bit more of information of all the countries, not because Iwas Australia on Damun 2011 I didn’t learn about other countries, I think it will help in special all the students that want to study something related with our world or our country.
Other things Iwant to tell you in the essay is about how does the people that are not working in the organization in damun thinks, I think its really easy to criticize what you don’t like about a model, but I knowthat all the people working in damun gave everything to do that model the best they can.
Otherwise I think Damun is great for the people working in there, not only because the know a lot of cool...
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