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The dance is a natural and spontaneous expression in the humans .The dance suggests in the humans a desire for communicating something that should characterize it.
In the current worldthere are many types of dances like the hip hop, classic dance , modern dance... With this topic I am going to announce my types of dances and his characteristics.
The dance has increasingly gone outat the moment of living of the dance and of being employed at what you like

The hip hop is an artistic movement that arose in The United States at the end of the year 1960 in theAfro-American and Latin-American communities of popular neighborhoods of New York as Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn, where from the beginning were outlined manifestations typical of the origins of the hip hop,for example, the music (funk, rap, Blues, DJing) the dances and up to the painting.
Though still it was considered rap the music as a phenomenon 'underground' that was relating more to the independentstamps.
The most famous singers in the currently are Sean Paul, Snoopdog, 50 Cent , Jay-Z, Missi Elliott, Rihanna..most of this singers are very recognized in all of the world .

2. Classic danceThe ballet or classic dance is the specific name started to a concrete form of dance and her technology. According to the epochs, the countries or the currents the choreographic spectacle canenvolves dance, mime, and music.
The technology of this dance has an important difficulty, since it needs a concentration to dominate the whole body, adding in addition a training in flexibility,coordination and musical pace.
This dance It removes dancing for a lot of time and the technologies have been improved of nowadays there are many academies of ballet k they help you to support yourflexibility and agility .
Between the dancers who have gone on to the history there are the Canadians Wayne Eagling and Lynn Seymour, the Englishman Lesley Collin, , the low and comical Wayne Sleep and the...
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