Danger zon(book essay)

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Is complex and complete the description of the author of the sceneries, scenes, characters and actions that are in the book.
The advantage and point that I likeis that in the first chapters introduce the entire world and the story, give some relevant details that after we will understand better but describe how everything begins and give a first look of theprincipal characters.
For example David Klass tell the form like the weather change and that permit me imagine and in some form enter in that part of the story.
The parts that involved theprincipal character with a woman made me feel romantic, and think in all the beautiful things that a man could feel when fall in love is, also made me think, the differences of thoughts between a woman and aman. How the nature can help in a passionate scene, and also the dreams that are involved in a romance.
I am partial to the mode that Jimmy exposed him feelings, emotions, the reactions that he takein a particular situation. I like him like a person.

When a discussion is presented, I experience some scared because of the consequences that could happen, I put a little bit angry whenis unfair.
I can feel the drama. In some parts I felt confusion, because was complicated now if Jimmy had the reason o the other person that was involved in the fight.
Jimmy sacrifices himself forthe Basketball and to the benefit of the team is just admirable. Additionally the fervor, ardor, enthusiasm, excitement that he had to the game, to this way of life.
The pressure that Jimmy has tomanage is incredible and he had to resist to some losing games, to support lots screams of the Coach Griffin, showed that Jimmy is a strong person.

I experienced neutral emotion, but mycuriosity goes up in a big quantity, because the author presented some places very famous and the most important part, how the life of Jimmy is changing. The games with the time are converting in very...
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