Dangerous journey

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Elementary V – Test Sheet 1
Dangerous Journey by Alwyn Cox

A Before Reading

1 Four men go on this dangerous journey. Their names are Leon, Manuel, Joe and Pedro.
Get to know these men.Look at the pictures and complete this chart.

Leon Manuel Joe Pedro
Shirt Brown Mustard Red and blue Blue
Trousers Blue Blue Blue Brown
Hat Brown Red headband Blue and yellow yellow
BeardYes Yes Not Not
Moustache Not Yes Not yes

B While Reading

2 Read to the end of page 9. Who said these things?

Name (a) ’I’m the bosshere.‘ Leon
(b) ’We’re not very late.‘ Joe
(c) ’It‘s your fault.‘ Leon
(d) ’I‘m driving the truck.‘ Joe
(e) ’That‘s my job.‘ Joe
(f) ’They‘re back.‘Manuel
(g) ’There was no water here last week.‘ Pedro (h) ’Leon‘s hurt.‘ Manuel

3 Read to the end of page 15. The men want to cross theriver. The river is rushing and the bridge is broken. The men have a boat and a rope. The boat will not carry four people. You are Joe. What are you going to do? (You can do drawings or diagrams.)(Use your imagination)

4 Read to the end of page 23. It says, ‘Joe did not listen. He let go of the rope and swam towards the rubber boat.’ Write the next six sentences of the story.

Joewas a good swimmer and he soon reached the boat

Leon tells Joe to leave the boat and save himself

Joe heard a loud noise like a waterfall.

There was a rock in front of them and they were toreach this.

The water rushed round the boat. it was pulling them towards the waterfall.

The boat moved quickly toward the rock and both jumped into this

Dangerous Journey
Alwyn CoxPut the events in the order they happen in the story. The first is 1.

1 The boat was near a waterfall and Leon jumped onto the rock.

2 The four men packed the tents into the truck....
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