Dangerous sick cycle

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  • Publicado : 20 de agosto de 2012
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Dangerous Sick Cycle

Gone are the days when you can see children running around their neighborhood spending time with other children forgetting about school.Nowadays are less the families who socialize with their neighbors and we are scare to let our children play after a certain hour. This behavior is due to the way we are raise and all the negativeconclusions we have based on ‘’the bad things’’ that happen in our land. This cycle is making our children incapable of learning how to be sociable in our society, because they can’t even socialize intheir own home and neighborhood.

I remember wishing for dolls for Christmas and a Barbie’s house on my birthday, that way I could share my Barbie’s house with my neighborhood friends so theycan play with their barbies and we could all play together for hours. ‘’Things on the street are bad and times have change’’ is the major excuse for parents to not let their children play outside,but greater than that is the advantages in technology. In these days you can see a 9 year old with an expensive handheld device like and ipod, or a PSP, or a Nintendo DS, some of them even have theirown cell phones already. These are the ‘’toys’’ of today’s children; toys who are personal, toys that are meant to be for one person to interact, toys that aren’t meant for sharing. These ‘’toys’’ areindirectly affecting our children making them addicted to technology, making them deny ways of sharing, making them ignore other children, separating them from a social life.32% of children in Puerto Rico suffer from obesity. Being obese can be genetic or even based on your health care. People tend to ignore the fact that children aren’t active anymore. Childrendon’t exercise like before, they rather stay home watching T.V. or playing with their ‘’toys’’ than go outside and be active with other children. Kids who are obese tend to be low self-esteem persons...