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Daniel's English Course

Bill: Hey this is bill. I'm sorry I’m not in. Just leave a message.


Hey Bill. This is Hank. I'm just callingto let you know that I’ll be little late to the game tomorrow night. I have to work a few extra hours to finish a report. I should wrap things upsometime between seven and eight though. Oh, then I'm planning on dropping by Lisa's House for about an hour since she's been sick recently, and, uh one morething. I'll swing by my house to pick up some food for the game. See you then.

Daniel R

Lesson 2

Breakfast OR Lunch?

It was Sunday. I neverget up early on Sundays. I sometimes stay in bed until lunchtime. Last Sunday I got up very late. i looked out of the window. It was dark outside. 'Whata day' I thought. It’s raining again. Just then, the telephone rang. it was my aunt Lucy. I’ve just arrived by train, she said. I’m coming t see you.But I’m still having breakfast, I said.
What are you doing? She asked

I’m having breakfast, I repeated.

Dear me, she said ' do you always getup so late? It's one o clock.

Lesson 3


John: Hi, Deborah¡ this is John, I’m calling from Australia.
Deborah: What are you doing inAustralia?
John: I’m attending a conference in Sydney this week.
Deborah: Oh right. What time is it there?
John: It’s 10:00 pm. And it’s fouro’clock in Los Angeles, right?
Deborah: Yes – four o’clock in the morning.
4:00 am? I’m really sorry.
Deborah: That’s ok I’m awake now.

Lesson 4