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Technical high school # 54
Ocampo, Mich.
School zone # 07

Actions to protect the environment

Take action!!


The care of the environment requires the participationof citizens organized and aware of issues like global warming, the provision of water, deforestation, the production and consumption patterns, as well as the principles and values that underpinsociety.

From everyday activities such as transporting ourselves, clean us, traveling, cooking, or buy products, and their impact on the environment is important to reflect on our consumption habits andattitudes towards care and environmental protection.

In our home, work, community or school can make concrete efforts to improve the environment. To achieve this we need to look around us andidentify the environment less harmful alternatives, change behavior and decision making based on improving the quality of life.

On the Street

• Do not litter on the streets
• Avoid burning trash,leaves and other objects and building fires in forests or in the middle of town.
• Water plants during the night or very early, when the sun takes longer to evaporate the water.
• Reuse water from theshower together and washing vegetables for watering plants in the garden.

At school

• Reduce the amount of waste you generate for your drinks at school or work using containers that can be usedmany times.
• Use reusable packaging products.
• Reuse at maximum all items or products before they get rid of them.
• At recess try to eat fruits and vegetables and drink water and take yourthirst.
• Do not throw trash on the floor, and if your school does not make it, propose a classification scheme to facilitate waste recycling.

At home

• Clean floors, walls and windows with twobuckets of water; one for cleaning and another for rinsing.
• Do not overuse cleaning products
• Take advantage of soapy water to wash the toilets. If the water is free from cleaning products, use it...
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