Danza contemporanea

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I’ll use the expression 'contemporary dance history' to talk about figures, choreographic productions or related facts occurred in western culture between the 1950s andthe present time.
Though, it is important to keep in mind that this expression is used in a popular way to gather many different (really really different) choreographic practices, which can besometimes contradictory in their aesthetical proposals.
So, the expression 'contemporary dance history' will serve here mainly as a chronological reference. A discussion about contemporary dance features ofthe following figures or pieces might come in other pages.
We could say that both ballet and modern dance are ancestors of contemporary dance. Ballet creates the general concert dance frame work andtechnical knowledge used or refused by contemporary dance. Modern dance is at the same time its ‘anti-reference’ and kind of ‘mother in law’.
So, there’s a contemporary dance history before the1950s: that one of ballet and modern dance, which somehow serves society to make emerge contemporary dance.
If you prefer to browse through a handy summary of contemporary dance history (with the namesof figures who were or are significant for it), go to our general dance history page. The following is an expanded version of that part.
As the information about contemporary dance history isincreasingly available in time, the data about this chronological period is far larger than the one for modern dance history or ballet history. Also, it continues to increase and change everyday. So, thefollowing text provides only a selection of very important figures or trends, recognized for their creative work. A huge part of this story will wait for later pages or discussions.
One reading tipbefore starting: if you’re looking for a specific choreographer or dance company that does not appear below, you might want to browse over our contemporary dance companies page.
Happily, nowadays most...
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