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DAO Installation

This document describes the steps required to create a setup program that successfully installs DAO and its related files. It is recommended that you use InstallShield Express which ships with VC++ 5.0 with the information in this document to create your setup.

Proper setup of DAO is very important. Because DAO is a shared component that only exists in one location on amachine, all applications using DAO may stop working if DAO setup is not done correctly.
To distribute an application that uses DAO, you must install the redistributable portions of DAO. Depending whether your application uses the Microsoft Jet Engine or ODBCDirect workspaces, you must also install either the redistributable portions of the Microsoft Jet Database Engine, or theredistributable portions of the Remote Database Objects (RDO) or both.
DAO, Microsoft Jet, and RDO require a more complex installation procedure than simply copying files into a directory. An application cannot have its own “private” copy of an OLE Automation server (such as DAO) in an application directory. The server is registered by OLE, and all users use the same DLL.
2. Files
DAO andDAO’s ODBCDirect each require a core set of files. Microsoft Jet also has a core and a second optional set that provides the ability to access other data formats.
Whether your application uses ODBCDirect or the Microsoft Jet Engine to access data determines if you will install the Microsoft Jet Engine or ODBCDirect files.
Only the files described in this section can be distributed with yourapplication to other users. You cannot distribute other files, such as .hlp files or DAO header (.h) files.
Note: The DAO directory and System32 directory are explained in section 3.2.
2.1 DAO
DAO is comprised of the following core files. These files must be installed for DAO to function.
DAO350.DLL|DAO version 3.5|Shared|Yes|DAO|DAO2535.TLB|DAO version 2.5/3.5 Backward Compatible Type Library|Companion to DAO350.dll|No|DAO|
MSJTER35.DLL|Microsoft Jet (and DAO) error message DLL|System|No|System32|
MSJINT35.DLL|Localized Microsoft Jet (and DAO) error strings|System|No|System32|
MSVCRT40.DLL|C Runtime DLL|System|No|System32|

2.2 Microsoft Jet Engine
2.2.1 Core Jet files
Microsoft Jet is comprised of the following core files.These files are sufficient to access version 3.0 .MDB databases and ODBC data sources (in conjunction with an installed ODBC driver) when installed with DAO.
MSJET35.DLL|Microsoft Jet engine (version 3.5)|System|Yes|System32|
MSRD2X35.DLL|MDB files from Microsoft Access 2.0, Visual Basic 3.0 or earlier|Companion to MSJET35.dll|Yes|System32|MSJTER35.DLL|Microsoft Jet (and DAO) error message DLL|System|No|System32|
MSJINT35.DLL|Localized Microsoft Jet (and DAO) error strings|System|No|System32|
VBAJET32.DLLExpSrv.DLL|VBA-Microsoft Jet Expression service VBA Runtime|SystemSystem|No|System32|

2.2.2 Optional files
The following optional files provide access to other data formats. Install the DLLs that correspond to the file formatyou need to support, or if you need replication support.
MSREPL35.DLL|Microsoft Jet Replication|System|No|System32|
MSXBSE35.DLL|Xbase formats|System|Yes|System32|
MSPDOX35.DLL|Paradox formats|System|Yes|System32|
MSTEXT35.DLL|Text files|System|Yes|System32|
MSEXCL35.DLL|Spreadsheet files|System|Yes|System32|
MSEXCH35.DLL|Exchange formats|System|Yes|System32|

2.3 ODBCDirect
Install the following files for supporting ODBCDirect functionality. DAO uses RDO to handle it’s ODBCDirect functionality. For this reason you may recognize these files as the core RDO files.
MSRDO20.dll|Remote Database Objects 2.0|Shared|Yes|System32|...
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