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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2010
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With the U170, NComputing has once again set the standard for simple and
affordable desktop computing. NComputing’s innovations include tightly
integrated solutions that include theaward-winning NComputing vSpace™
virtualization software and industry-leading, low-cost, rugged and reliable
access devices. These solutions have made NComputing the global leader, with
millionsof daily users. To this highly successful product line, NComputing brings
an unprecedented feature: plug-and-play simplicity.
Desktop virtualization does not have to be complex. Or expensive. Unlikeother
desktop virtualization solutions, NComputing does not need expensive and
complicated servers and infrastructure. In fact, vSpace was designed to efficiently
share the normally wasted CPUcycles in standard low-cost PCs. In an NComputing
solution, vSpace creates multiple virtual workspaces in one physical computer, and
then the additional users connect their monitors, keyboards, andmice, through
a simple access device. With the U170, connecting the access device to the shared
computer couldn’t be easier: just snap them together with the included USB cable.
The U170 is based on over ten years of product development and refinement. You
could say that it was designed by the sharpest engineers in the world, a million
rough-and-tumble kids, hundreds ofCIOs, and thousands of IT staff who are on
the desktop front lines every day. That’s why the U170 has the most evolved and
useful features on the market. For example, many customers complain thatthey
don’t have enough power outlets at the desktop and want to eliminate cable
clutter, so we designed the U170 to get its power through the USB data cable.
In addition, the model U170 is ahigh-speed USB 2.0 peripheral that automatically
assigns any other USB device attached to it to the user. That way, users don’t have
to assign their keyboards and mice every time they log in. We also use...
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