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dc motors
DC motors Sizes 100 to 630 0.45 kW to 1610 kW

Catalog DA 12 • 2004

Catalogs for "Large Drives"
SINAMICS G150 Drive Converter Cabinet Units 75 kW to 560 kW Order No.: German: E86060-K5511-A101-A2 English: E86060-K5511-A101-A2-7600 DC Motors DA 12 Sizes 100 to 630 0.45 kW to 1610 kW Order No.: German: E86060-K5312-A101-A1 English: E20002-K5312-A101-A1-7600 SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70DA 21.1 Digital Chassis Converters Order No.: German: E86060-K5121-A111-A1 English: E86060-K5121-A111-A1-7600 French: E86060-K5121-A111-A1-7700 SIMOREG K 6RA22 Analog Chassis Converters Order No.: German: E86060-K4021-A121-A1 English: E86060-K4021-A121-A1-7600 Spare Parts for SIMOREG Chassis Converters www.siemens.de/simoreg www.siemens.com/simoreg SIMOREG DC MASTER 6RM70 Digital ConverterCabinet Units Order No.: German: E86060-K5122-A101-A1 English: E86060-K5122-A101-A1-7600 SIMOVERT MV Medium-Voltage Drives 660 kVA to 7200 kVA Order No.: German: E86060-K5363-A101-A2 English: E86060-K5363-A101-A2-7600 DA 63 DA 22 DA 21 E DA 21.2 D 11 Components for Automation Order No.: German: E86060-D4001-A100-C1 English: E86060-D4001-A110-C1-7600 A&D Mall Internet: www.siemens.com/automation/mall CA01

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DC motors Sizes 100 to 630 0.45 kW to 1610 kW Catalog DA 12 · 2004


Welcome to Automation and Drives DCtechnology remains of prime importance DC motors – For what types of applications? Why use DC motors from Siemens?


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Siemens DA 12 · 2004

True values endure – DC technology remains of prime importance

– even if its immediate demise has been forecast for more than fifteen years: Siemens Automation & Drives will continue to providethis simple and user-friendly technology into the future. After all, it has proved itself to be reliable in daily use for decades and therefore remains of prime importance. With our extensive know-how and with more than 125 years of experience, we remain your reliable partner for all your DC drive requirements. We offer perfect up-todate solutions for both new plants or retrofitting. We areconstantly working on the further development of the DC technology. The perfect example: SIMOREG® Control Module, the perfect retrofit solution for your DC drives – and the most effective method to safeguard your investments permanently.

Siemens DA 12 · 2004


DC motors – For what types of application?

The modular DC motors are well-proven in combination with static converters as...
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