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  • Publicado : 27 de enero de 2011
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An apportunity to teach students about the human body and the different functions with in it, also to educate students on the importance of having good healthy habits as well ashelping students pratice their English in other areas of life.

To teach students the importance of having a good healthy eating life style, and to give them a better understanding ofthe human body and it`s organs.

1st Bimester
Students will be learning about the human body structure, from the bone structure to the muscle structure and the importance of the skin.

TopicsChapter 1: “Bones, Muscles, and Skin” page 4
1. Body Organization and Homeostasis. page 6
2. The Skeletal System. page 12
3. Diagnosing Bones andJoint Injuries. page20
4. The Muscular System. page 24
5. The Skin. page 30

2nd Bimester
Students will beintroduced to the importance of food and healthy eating habits as well as the digestion fuctions in the body.

Chapter 2: “Food and Digestion” page 42

1. Food and Energy.page 44
2. Healthy Eating. page 55
3. The Digestive Process Begins. page 60
4. Final Digestion and Absorption.page 68

3rd Bimester
Students will learn about the Circulation of the body and the risk of Health issues do to smoking and bad Health habits as well as the importance ofCardiovascular Health. Also students will be introduced to the Respiration System and Excretion System.

Chapter 3 “Circulation” page 76
1. The body´sTransport System. page 78
2. A closer Look at Blood Vessels. page 85
3. Blood and Lymph. page 91
4. Cardiovascular Health....
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