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Every day, I’m Surfing.

In a remote island near to Honolulu was happening a very romantic relationship between a guy likes to surf and a girl who want to be a doctor.
The guy I so tall, good looking, and easy going person, he likes to be at party all day, but for him the surf was his life he love the waves the sea and the skate.

The girl is a very nice person, sometimes it could be like alittle girl, she like to be with her friend in very nice place, she is so short it is so pretty. She wants to be a doctor to go out of the island, but she is falling in love with a dreamer an important surfer. Mike, in his island is one of the best surfers with his friends.

Denise, the girl of the beginning of the history, she lives with her mom and her two sisters. The mom is Alma, she work atthe restaurant of the town, she is very nice person but she tae care a lot of her babies , her three daughter then is Mina the younger of the three, she is the crazy of the house she have a baby Thomas(Tommy) he is two years old, he is very energetic, he is always playing at his room, then is the one of the middle Ruth she is a very rare person, she is so shy, she don’t like any kind ofmusic just old classical musical she like to read, and to spend time with her dog Max walking near of the beach.

The history starts when they were at the high school they were friends at that years. The father of mike was a marine of U.S.A. and his mom was a singer. Her father dies when he was 9 years old. He dies at the battle field. He was alone with his mom but he didn’t see here so much,cause the study at mornings and she was working at nights but he found something that makes him happy the surf. He starts to surf when he gat 11 years old, he find in the ocean the cure of his broken heart. Then he start to practice in tournaments of surfing, when he gets 13 he received a sponsor of a very important company and he leave the school, he went out of the island for 10 years, he was livingin Miami but return ten years afterward cause her mom dies.

Denise finished the school, and then she starts to study at the university. Her dad leaves her when she was 15 year old when that happen her life starts to be difficult. Because her mom wasn’t working cause her father was rich. Denise was so confused because she wants to continue with the school and her mother didn’t have enoughmoney for pay her studios it’s when mom starts to work at the restaurant named ‘La mission du café’ . Help for with her school.
One day mike was surfing and had accident, he felt and hit his head with a rock, he pass all the night unconscious at the hospital. Dennis was working at that moment and she pass all the night caring him, she didn’t remember him them at the next day he wake ip and when hesaw her he felt something to her like if he know her in another place, she get frizzy with his look, she start to be nervous, there is when the love history starts when he go out of the hospital he never forget that special moment when he saw her for that first time.
Then both start to ask for each other in the town one day like work of destiny, they were walking near the beach thinking in thatperson of the hospital, they meet each other there.
When he saw her he start to smile like so nervous she just purr her face down, but in a few moments mike was talking to her, with the time they start to going out… he was in love but she was so confused cause she didn’t want to have a relationship for had memories of his past but he was doing good his job, she was starting to feel something morefor him, but she was so discreet whit it. One says they went to a party. he went whit his friends and she went with one of their sisters, the one baby Mica. They went to a party a big party on the island every year. It’s made it. There in the party Dennis found an old friends of the jr high, Edna and Glenda.
Edna was shy girl, always she was quiet but she was very intelligent, Glenda was the...
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