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  • Publicado : 11 de diciembre de 2011
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* Lawrence Block was Born on 24 June 1938 in Buffalo, New York.
* The first of his "own" work to appear was the 1957 story "You Can't Lose."
* in 1960He is married to Lynne Block, and hasthree daughters, Amy Reichel, Jill Block and Alison Pouliot, from an earlier marriage.
* 1966 - 1998Block has written eight novels about Evan Tanner, an adventurer and accidental revolutionarywho, as a result of an injury sustained in the Korean WarHis first "serious" novel, Mona(1961), bears a strong resemblance to his pseudonymous work.
* those written under the pen name of PaulKavanagh--rank with his later mysteries; two of the best are The Specialists (1969) and Such Men Are Dangerous: A Novel of Violence (1969),
* Block's most famous creation, the ever-evolving MatthewScudder, was introduced in 1976's
* The Burglar Who Liked to Quote Kipling (1979, winner of the first annual Nero Award)
* 2004's The Burglar on the Prowl.
* May 12th 2011A DROP OF THE HARDSTUFFMatthew Scudder’s seventeenth adventure, and his first return to print since All the Flowers are Dying in 2006.
He writes about burglary, prostitution, contract killing and racketeering, most ofwhich takes place in Manhattan. 
These, however, have been exciting times for Block fans – those of us without unlimited disposable income and connections in the collectible book world, anyway. Overthe past decade, he has been slowly bringing his earliest work back in to print. There are the long out-of-print Evan Tanner books that were returned to the shelves in lovely hardback editionsfrom Subterranean Press, quirk collections like The Lost Cases of Ed London courtesy of Crippen and Landruand the recent arrival of three early works as part of the Hard Case Crime series.
The latest ofthese, Lucky at Cards, is his most recent new (old) book. It follows The Girl with the Long Green Heart and Grifter’s Game, two other early books that are now back in print. That most recent reprint,...
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