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Project title
The titanic history


Pérez Martínez Mónica Elizabeth
Pocasangre Villalobos Oscar Josué
Navarro Rivas Jenny Karina
Pérez Gonzales Jennifer GiselleVillanueva Pérez Gerardo Andrés
Barrera Rivas Gustavo armando
Teacher : Juan Antonio Zavaleta.

San Salvador, July 2012


* We thank God Almighty, Mary Help of Christians and Saint John Bosco, for giving us the bless of completing our school year, and we also thank:
* Our family, for their support and understanding given during the development of ourproject for the Expo 2012.
* Everybody who in one way or another contributed to the happy ending of this project.
* Instituto Técnico de Exalumnos Salesianos for educating us technically, academically, and spiritually.
* Our advisor, _________________________, for his/her guide, devotion, and companionship.


We all know the wonderful story of the Titanic, as one of themost tragic historical events because plunged into the icy waters of the North Atlantic because of having collided with the iceberg, due to the negligence of maintaining a speed record for the city new York with over 2200 people on board of which more than half died of hypothermia or drown.
But not only that we remember the Titanic, but also of the brave musicians who stayed to the end and manyother features of this, we mention that it was a very luxurious ocean liner equipped with the best technology of its time.
The point is that there is very little knowledge we have about this great ocean liner that's why I've taken the liberty of recompilation information from different reliable sources in order to clear our unknowns Who built it and where?, When sailed? ¿ Causes of accident? Splitor stay intact? Among other more than we go THROUGH this essay analyzing
Start with a very simple definition of what is the Titanic.
The RMS Titanic, for its acronym in English "steamship Titanic real mail" was the second in a series of Olympic class liners belonging to the White Star Line, was a passenger ship largest and most luxurious of its time the April 10, 1912 starting her maiden voyagedeparting from Southampton four days later, on April 14, 1912 hit a huge iceberg that would end with a dream of capturing a new record, sank early on April 15 1912, the balance of this incident was 1500 people and became one of the worst disasters in history.

Hereby we present The RMS Titanic (in English: Royal Mail Steamship Titanic, "Royal Mail Ship" was the second of a trio of ocean liners,the Olympic class, which sought to dominate the transatlantic travel business in the early twentieth century.

The RMS Olympic was thrown into the sea in 1910 and entered service in 1911, the Titanic was launched in 1911 and entered service in 1912, HMHS Britannic and (originally Gigantic RMS) was launched in 1914 and entered service in 1915, if While the outbreak of the Great War never did paysales department, was assigned to hospital ship.


They were designed by Thomas Andrews and owned by the White Star Line, was built in the shipyards of Harland and Wolff in Belfast (Northern Ireland, United Kingdom), the Olympic class noted for their size, luxury and technical progress against the Transatlantic competition, the RMS Mauretania and RMS Lusitania, the Canard Line. The Titanicwas the largest passenger ship and luxury of the time along with the Olympic.

The Titanic was designed using some of the most advanced technology available at that time, such as watertight bulkheads dividing the hull into 17 separate sections and could keep it afloat in case of breakage of part of the hull was equipped with telegraph, a new design of three-bladed propeller and first class...
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