Death of an englishman

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ACTIVITIES Before Reading 1 Read the back cover and the story introduction on the first page of the book. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)? 1 The story takes place just before Christmas. T 2 The story takes place in Italy. T 3 The murderer moved the dead man's furniture. F The dead man had been in the habit of moving his furniture on three o'clock in the morning. 4 The dead man was shot.T 5 The police found an stolen gun in the dead man's flat. F The police found a stolen antique in the Englishman's flat. 6 Two people said that they heard noises in the night. T 7 Carabiniere Bacci is an experienced police officer. F Carabiniere Bacci is training to be a police officer. He's serious enthusiastic and very inexperienced. 8 The Marshal is ill. T 2 What is going to happen in thestory? Can you guess? For each answer, circle Y (Yes) or N (No). 1 The police will find out that... • The dead man was a criminal. [Y]/N • The dead man was shot by accident. Y/[N] • The little girl was telling the truth. [Y]/N 2 The police will arrest... • An antique dealer. Y/[N] • Miss White. Y/[N] • A thief. [Y]/N 3 Who will catch the murderer? a) Carabiniere Bacci [Y]/N b) The Marshal Y/[N] c) TheCaptain Y/[N] ACTIVITIES


While Reading Read Chapter 1, and then answer these questions. Why 1 . . . was Cipolla at Via Maggio, number fifty−eight? Because he works there, he's the cleaner. 2 . . . was Carabiniere Bacci sleeping in the office? Because the Marshal had a feverish cold, and was in bed upstairs in his flat. 3 . . . did Cipolla want to speak to the Marshal? Because he knowshim, he lives next door to his sister. 4 . . . didn't Bacci wake the Marshal up? Because he didn't like the Marshal at all. 5 . . . did Cipolla look strange? Because he's ill. 6 . . . was the angel's head a problem? Because it was a beautiful antique who has an official government seal around the neck. Read Chapters 2 to 4. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)? Rewrite the false ones with thecorrect information. 1 Two policemen came from England to help the Italian police. T 2 Langley−Smythe was shot three times. F Langley−Smythe was shot once, in the back. 3 The police couldn't find the gun. T 4 There was no money in the safe in the bedroom. F There was also a lot of money, almost half a million pounds, in the safe in the bedroom wall. 5 The angel's head had been stolen from a museum.F The angel's head had been taken from the house of an American woman who was away in America. 6 Giovanna had heard two bangs in the night. T 7 The first bang was the noise of a gun. F The first bang was the noise of the front door downstairs. 8 Bacci's English was good enough for him to question Miss White. F Bacci's English wasn't good enough for him to question Miss White. 9 There werefingerprints of two people in Langley−Smythe's flat. F There were fingerprints of seven different people in his flat. 10 The police knew that the local greengrocer was a criminal. T Read Chapters 5 and 6. Why do the police think these things? Give a reason for each one. Do you agree with the police? 1 Langley−Smythe was waiting for a visitor before he died. There were signs that Langley−Smythe had lainon the bed while he was waiting for his visitor, one of the books that he had borrowed from the library, was 2

lying on the bed, and the other was on the little table next to the bed. I agree. 2 The visitor didn't want to steal Langley−Smythe's money. The safe was open and he had turned his back to the visitor, nobody wanted to steal the money because it was still in the safe. I agree. 3Langley−Smythe changed his furniture in the middle of the night about once a month. Miss White said that she saw Langley−Smythe changing his furniture so many times. I agree. 4 Langley−Smythe was exporting antiques illegally. The new furniture that Langley−Smythe get once a month were antiques. I agree. 5 Langley−Smythe was shot while he was going into his bedroom. He has going into his bedroom to put...
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