Deathof an englishman

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An English man is found dead in florence by a cleaner who name is Cipolla he called one of the inspector which one he knew the inspector name is The Marshal but the telephone opened by apprentice of The Marshal who name is Carabiriani Baccie
The Marshal have said him wake him up when happen important think but Bacci didn’t wake him up because he didn’tlike The Marshal and he wanted to did something by his own. he went to house of English man. He examined the house in detail. he called The Marshal and he told him what is happened after that The Marshal angry to Bacci The Marshal. The Marshal came there he spoke with Bacci while they were going outside The Marshal saw a head of an antique

THE QUESTIONS BEGINThe Marshal search thoroughly every where to learn where he can buy the antique and he talked with everybody who recognized the Langley-Smythe
While He went to Cipriani’s house his older girl said them that she have heard two noisses as bang

It was impossible because there was only one bullet andonly one hall on english man’s body
The girl sat down to Bacci’s neek And Girl said that could she playwith your gun she liked the gunshe had two toys gun
When e door was opened there was bang. Perhaps The second bang was closing of door
After that they went to Miss White’s flat she is neighbour of Englishman. They asked somequestions. But they didn’t understand the answers Because Miss White was talking fast and enthusiastically And their English was not well
His neighbours said that he haven’t have any visitors But They found the fingerprints of seven different people One of these was the local greegrocer. He’s already been in trouble with the police for receiving things which werestolen Maybe He brought some furniture

Carabiriani Bacci and an Inspector who came from London went to Miss White’s house Miss White told them that he has changed his furniture in middle of the night so Anybody else didn’t see this and Greengrocer was moving the furniture there was another man but she couldn’t see his face

THE SUSPECTThe captain’s suspect is in building he thought who was opened the door with his own switch Then Person came downstairs and went into Langley-smythe’s flat with the other men When they got inside somebody shot the Englishman
They wanted to know why he was going into the bedroom
They thought giving a message by radio “The Langley Smythe businessis closed We have proof” If Antique dealer heard the message They would come to take head of antique they gave the message
They went to Englishman’s flat But The Marshal was ill so he went his own house

They started to wait in Englishman’s flat At ten minutes three people came to inside one of them is Signor Cesarini. He was famousantique dealer in Florence he didn’t move. Two men behind him ran towards the exit
Carabiriani Bacci ran after them He caught the greengrocer easily The younger man was small and thin so he could ran very fast He get in the bus But The bus crashed So he was caught

Two English Inspectors spoke with Signor Cesarini but They didn’tlearn anything from him After the gathering They was thinking they’re not murderers
In the same time Bacci, Cipolla, Miss White and The Marshal in the church for funeral of Cipolla’s wife Ater They went to drink something While They were going outside ,The funeral car was crashed to the one woman

The marshal doubt from...
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