Deaths poet society

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Movie Guide for Dead Poet`s Society . Peter Weir

• What does the candle symbolize?
It symbolizes the illumination of knowledge
• What are the four pillars?
Honor, excellence, discipline andtradition

• Who are the boys’ names that are attending Welton?
Cameron, Knox, Charlie, Todd, Neil and Meeks
• What does Carpe Diem mean?
It means approach the day

• How does Mr. Keating’sinitial lesson with the boys represent a transcendentalist perspective?
The lesson of Mr. Keating gave them the perspective and the lesson to have personal opinions

• What does the candle symbolize inthe beginning of the movie?
It symbolizes the light of knowledge

• What do the four pillars symbolize?
Dishonor, Horror

• What’s the purpose of Mr. Keating’s opening activity in class?
Tocreate their own opinions

• How does Mr. Keating’s response to the Pritchard Chart on Poetry reflect transcendental beliefs?
He made the students destroy their work

• Who seems to be mostaffected by Mr. Keating’s explanation of how
.How does Mr. Keating subtly inspire the boys to create their own Dead Poets Society?
Knox because he surrenders

• What were the original Dead Poetsdedicated to?
To enjoy to the full the life

• Who left the poetry book for Neil to find?
Mr. Keating

• What is the “Traditional Opening” of the Dead Poets Society, and who wrote it?
“I went to thewoods because I wanted to lived deliberately, I wanted to live deep and suck the marrow of life. To put to rout all that was not life and not, when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived”,It was written by Henry David Thoreau.

• Who seems to be most resistant to expressing himself and whom seems to be most eager?

• What is Keating’s explanation for the creation of poetry?That the feelings are the most important think

• Why does Mr. Keating have the boys look at his classroom from the top of his desk?
To think the ideas by other perspectives

• What does Mr....
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