Decision making

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  • Publicado : 11 de junio de 2010
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1. Clearly state the decision to be made:
What kind of shoes I am going buy to use at work.
2. Complete the Chain model by identifying thesequence of steps (decisions) in the action plan.

3. What resources are needed?
First, I need to be knowledgeable of the specific shoes I am going to buy. To researchthis information I use a computer and the internet. After obtaining details on my future shoes, I set apart the time and the money to buy them. Some otherresources I used to finish my decision would be a car and gasoline, and the store employees who helped me choose my shoes.
4. Evaluate how using the chain model helpedmaximize positive outcomes and minimize mistakes, uncertainties, or risks.
The Chain Model helped me to visualize the whole process in a broad way, tothen move forward step by step choosing what I needed and what I wanted as my final decision. I was able to take into consideration important factors like the employeedress-code which requires that I wear closed-toed shoes to perform my job, as well as how comfortable I needed them to be since my job duties demand me to beactive all day. Based on the next step in the sequence of my chain model I was prepared to avoid the mistake I’ve done before of not having enough money and time to buythe right item.
5. Clearly state your decision (conclusion).
In general, the chain model helped me save time because I went to the right store instead ofshopping around; it also helped me save money as I drove less and saved on gas, and consequently energy as I could pin down the best shoes out of all the options.
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