Declaration of independence of the land of kiwi

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  • Publicado : 17 de octubre de 2010
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Declaration of Independence of the Land of Kiwi
October 27, 1912

In a land with so many different minds and needs of so many different people we can’t go against everyone. We go among otherpeople thinking we are better and that we have all the rights to go and make decisions for everybody not knowing how could this effect individually to each family. We are hear gathered to speak for thosewho are unheard for their equal rights and for their liberty, to let know our ruler how wrong he lives thinking that he has control of absolutely everything by thinking not other but himself. To lethim know that if his does not change his way, there will be other ways of how our people will reveal themselves.
We also are gathered not for our peoples needs, but for our needs also. And here we aregoing to demonstrated:
-She won’t let us make decisions for our own piece of land
-She won’t let us sale our goods to other countries for more money
-Free expressions of your feelings was totallyprohibited
-Native Kiwanis had to leave the country because they were accused as savages
-She makes us pay for every single thing we do
-We don’t have a court in which we could decide if someoneis guilty or not and why, she just decides what to do with the person without knowing nothing about that person
-We don’t have the right to celebrate anything unless is celebrating her or her family-Men were suppose to work 12 hours a day 7 days a week and women only worked 6 hours 5 day a week
-We don’t have any type of defense, police, military help or similar things because she says isagainst God

-Even do we are governors of our part of land we cannot make any type of rule or command or sign any type of document
-Schools are prohibited because there are no other profesions otherthan agriculture, knitting, cooking and other simple task
-Boats from certain countries are not aloud because She thinks that are savages
-Church was obligated to every single person, if you don’t...
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