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  • Publicado : 24 de septiembre de 2010
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LabVIEW interface to a Wii Remote ("Wiimote")
With a high-resolution camera, a 3-axis accelerometer, buttons, speaker, vibrationfeedback, and a Bluetooth wireless link, the Nintendo Wii Controller (Wiimote) offers exciting possibilities beyond use as a video game controller for the Nintendo Wii. With the examples in this document, youcan easily access these data sources in NI LabVIEW. The attached zip file includes a LabVIEW project with several examples that show how you can access a Wiimote with LabVIEW. Getting StartedDownload and Unzip the attached file into a new folder. IMPORTANT: These examples rely on a third party .NET Managed Library called “WiimoteLib” to establish the link. This library is freely downloadablefrom this site: Download the version of WiimoteLib that corresponds to the version of the attachment that you downloaded (see table above). Ensure that the dll("WiimoteLib.dll") from the managed library is in the same folder as the files that you unzipped. IMPORTANT: Establish a Bluetooth link "pair" with the Wii controller and your PC. The specific instructionsfor doing so will depend on the specifics of your Bluetooth software / hardware. (I found some instructions for how to do so in the "Getting Connected" section of this article.) Open the LabVIEWproject file WiimoteExamples.lvproj in LabVIEW and access the examples from the project explorer window. If you are new to LabVIEW, start with the examples Simple Flash LEDs (Polled).vi and SimpleAcquisition (Polled).vi. These contain the simplest LabVIEW programming of the example set. The Simple Acquisition (Polled).vi example polls for new data (accelerometer data and button status) from the Wiimotewithin a loop. The example Roll Pitch (Event).vi contains more involved LabVIEW programming, but is a more efficient implementation that relies on event callbacks to acquire the Wiimote state. The...
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