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Considered one of the major social networks and popular now, Facebook is a virtual interface developed in 2004 by four Americans in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts: Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin and Chris Hughes. Today it has three actual sites from which it operates for America (Headquarters Palo Alto,California), Europe, Africa and the Middle East (based Dublin, Ireland) and Asia (South Korea-based). It is considered that Facebook has generated a capital inflow of around 800 million since its inception.

Facebook operates globally as a network in which people, after creating a profile and complete the data they want, can perform various activities among which the most popular search and find manyreal-life contacts (many of which belong to the last moments of life of each), to express their opinions and moods, upload and comment photos, play games, create networks and groups with different goals, etc.

One of the most important features of Facebook is its constantly updated and is due to this that one can, in your profile instantly observe the different actions, decisions and activities thatthe contacts on your list. In addition, Facebook helps people come into contact with each other to recommend contacts and friendships with people suggest that they have acquaintances or friends sharing.

Today, many media, politicians, entertainers, social activists, brands and companies have their own profile on Facebook because of the large reception and popularity that has network, whichthen allows the message to spread by the subject concerned reach thousands of people in minutes or seconds. Thus, the effect is much advertising to achieve more effective and, in most cases, completely free.

1. Customer proximity
Facebook encouragesdirect dialogue between company and customer, which translates into authenticity and credibility.

2. Word of mouth advertising
Facebook users engage in promotional campaigns for businesses and in this way contribute to spreading it among others. That is, the network promotes Mark Zuckerberg virality.

3. Real time
The Facebook fan pages enable real-time feedback to the user.

4. TargetingFacebook allows advertisers to target a certain type of groups according to their interests.

5. Powerful
The Mark Zuckerberg's social network now has over 500 million users worldwide. Moreover, even when a page has few fans, its scope in the network of networks is very broad.

As for the disadvantages of Facebook as a platform for social media marketing service, Horizon cites the following:1. User resistance to advertising
Facebook is primarily a tool for social interaction. The acceptance of advertising by the user in this network is still limited.

2. Great effort
Direct dialogue with the client involves a great effort Facebook, since the content must be relevant and need to be updated constantly. There are many companies that are not in a position to make that effortbecause of the absence of structures.

3. Loss of control
In a promotional or advertising campaign conducted in Facebook, the advertiser has little power over it because it controls the platform used for launch. Also, measuring the extent of a campaign is easier in traditional advertising on Facebook.

4. Fad
The social networking market is an emerging sector and as such harbors more and morecompanies. Other competitors may in the future to overshadow Facebook.

5. Limited scope
Many fan pages on Facebook to reach only a small majority sparse, which is not representative of the global market.

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