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  • Publicado : 27 de agosto de 2012
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What does it mean to forgive?
Forgiveness is an attitude that is adopted presumed release in response to an offense or a tort.

The act of forgiveness is usually interpreted as thenecessary step to achieve a state of liberation, with the fact of being at peace with yourself. Do not forgive, however, has negative connotations. In this frozen state are feelings such as anger,bitterness, resentment or anger. Stated in this way seems logical and desirable to choose the path of forgiveness. But it is questionable whether this necessarily the case or whether there are otheralternative ways. Forgiveness, in their effects on the abuser, has no more influence, which does occur when it comes to the aggrieved person, to forgive yourself and be free of guilt and victimhood, in aprocess of recognition of a reality by the gravity of the offense and its negative consequences, to which there was no access at the time. Forgiveness has always been transmitted as a positive act andgoodness. Even as a virtue that should be cultivated.
Does it mean the same as to pardon?
Forgive whatever the circumstances or peculiarities present in each case, leads to the denial of one'srights, subjecting the views, beliefs, ethics, or their own needs to the reality of facts that are exempt under pardon.
My experience
In my daily life and had to forgive people who offended as meand my son for fifteen years I lifted you and your lies. In my work with my peers when I lie or disrespect me with imprudence. But also other people and able to forgive because God forgives us everysecond of our lives because I cannot forgive. Forgiveness sets us free and we are different people. When we do not forgive is saved and walk hatred and resentment may cause disease cardiac embittered andother diseases. Oh a saying that says I forgive but not forget, if we do nothing well. We must learn to forgive in order to make this world better.

Jocelyn Figueroa

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