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List 7A
1. Across: on the other side of
2. Advise: to recommend
3. Affect: to produce an effect on
4. Beneficial: having a helpful effect
5. Carrying: to transport
6.Category: division, class
7. Definition: the act of making clear
8. Effect: result, consequence
9. Foreign: from another country
10. Foresee: to see in advance
11. Harass: toattack repeatedly
12. Immediately: closely
13. Larynx: upper part of the wind pipe containing vocal cords
14. Necessary: essential
15. Occasion: particular time
16. Peaceable:tranquil
17. Peculiar: uncommon
18. Received: to experience
19. Scurrilous: obscenely abusive
20. Temperament: mental disposition

List 7B
1. All right: yes
2.Almost: nearly
3. Already: so soon
4. Although: even though
5. Benefit: something helpful
6. Changing: to exchange
7. Description: sort, kind, variety
8. Eligible: being aworthy choice
9. Forty: ten times four
10. Fourth: next after the 3rd
11. Incidentally: in an incidental manner
12. Marshal: federal officer
13. Occurred: to happen
14.Permanent: lasting indefinitely
15. Personal: done in person
16. Secretary: office assistant
17. Sense: meaning
18. Separate: divide
19. Valuable: of great worth
20.Wednesday: 4th day of the week

List 8A
1. All together: the whole quantity or extent of
2. Altogether: completely
3. Analysis: detailed examination
4. Bouillon: thin soup made bystewing meat or fish
5. Chauffeur: a person employed to drive a car
6. Choose: pick out as being the best alternative
7. Chosen: past participle of chose
8. Desert: callously abandon9. Embarrass: to feel awkward
10. Independent: capable of acting for oneself
11. Knowledge: the sum of what is known
12. Mathematics: science that deals with numbers
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