Degrees of obligation

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Degrees of obligation
(Spoken English) (Formal Authority)
Have to
Have got to / must Express obligation no other choice of action a viable.
Had better means there is a consequence for notdoing something
Be supposed to means that other people expect you take this action
Should/ ought to state an opinion or give action
Must not/ mustn’t express a prohibition
Don’t have expresses alack ok obligation

The past continuous
Form the past continuous with was or were and a present participle
What were you doing last night at eight? I was watching TV.
Was the car making thatnoise this morning? Yes, it was. / No, it wasn’t
The past continuous shows an action that continued during a period of time in the past.
The simple past tense shows an action that occurred and thenended.
Past continuous simple past tense
I was going too fast when I had the accident.
The past continuous: uses
The past continuous describes an action that was continuous until (and possiblyafter) the moment at which another action took place. The words when or while are often used with the past continuous.
He was talking on the phone when the storm began.
While I was living in Chile, Igot married.
The past continuous also describes two continuing actions occurring in the same period of time.
While she was driving, her husband was reading the newspaper.
They were eating, and themusic was playing.
The past continuous is also used when we report someone else’s words.
The said, “we are arriving at three o’clock.” The said they were arriving at three o’clock.
Someone /anyone
Use someone in affirmative statements.
There’s someone ahead of you.
Use anyone in negative statements.
There isn’t anyone waiting.
Use someone or anyone in questions.
Can someone wash myhair?
Can anyone give me a manicure?
Indefinite pronouns: something, anything, and nothing.
Use something in affirmative statements.
There’s something in this box.
Use anything in negative...