Del corrido al narcocorrido, breve historia de su evolución. 1a. parte

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Corrido, from the Spaniard Romance to the Smugglers
Corrido, from the Spaniard Romance until Smugglers
A reviewing of its evolution as a reflection of a Nation

Corrido is awell-known, traditional music genre in Mexico. It has an important place in Mexican music history, because it deals with and describes a wide range of topics (love, humour, politics, tragedies, sadness,battles, etc.) and throughout history has reflected social and community issues.
As a musical narrative and epic form, Corrido song reached its maturity during the Mexican Revolution (1910-1921), andhas remained popular as a form of musical expression since then. Several books and essays (Castañeda 1943, Herrera-Sobek 1990, Pedrik 1998, Simmons 1957) have been written about many aspects ofCorrido, including its literary origins, its character as traditional music, and the socio-cultural aspects involved in its development and durability over time, among other features.
During the last30 years Corrido has undergone changes, principally in the topics to which it relates. It has become a reflection of the major social, economic and political situation that affects the country: drugtrafficking.Thistrafficking. This topic has been a perfect cocktail of inspiration for Corrido songs, principally because it mixes good and evil, poverty and wealth, masculinity and women’scourageousness, shows social injustice, and touches upon confrontation and relations with government forces. It is related to money and power, betrayal and life outside the law. All of these aspects have madedrug trafficking a popular topic for Ccorridos, giving them a different sound, a different audience, different implications and ultimately creating a new genre, Narcocorrido.

ORIGIN OF CORRIDOCorrido is a traditional musical genre, that consists of songs with varying instrumental accompaniments, from solo guitar to diverse ensembles including percussion, accordion, guitar, harps, bass, among...
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