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It is very important to know about all of these situations because in our jobs we will have some of these children, we have to be very carefully and know how we can help them. We haveto know different ideas to teach them, try to call their attention and try to facilitate their learning and compression when they read or write something.
It is very important when people can read orwrite if any problems, because that people can express their ideas, feelings by the way to write or read. Some people get relax when they read. If you can understand every words that you read is avery gift because you have a big notion about it and is better for you to understand and remember it.

Reading process
Reading is a complex cognitive process of decoding symbols for the purpose ofderiving meaning (reading comprehension) and/or constructing meaning. Reading is a means of language acquisition, of communication, and of sharing information and ideas.
Definitions about readingprocess are:
For many years, three basic definitions of reading have driven literacy programs in the United States (Foertsch, 1998). According to the first definition, learning to read means learning topronounce words. According to the second definition, learning to read means learning to identify words and get their meaning. According to the third definition, learning to read means learning tobring meaning to a text in order to get meaning from it.

Disorders in the acquisition and development of reading.

Symptoms KEY:
Fall into this category of students, from eight years, havingdifficulty acquiring reading or trying to master this technique, stating: A low speed in oral reading (less than 50/60 words per minute), errors common (omissions, substitutions, inversions), retardedreaders (over two years) and a poor level of reading comprehension.
These students typically attend school should be without-organic sensory disturbances (which are involved in the reading...
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