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Dolphins are very cute and harmless

Prepared by the student: alina Ivethe Ramirez Estrada


Variations in water temperature, the movements of fish are eaten, and eatinghabits may explain the seasonal movements of some dolphins to and from certain areas.

Some coastal dolphins in higher latitudes show a clear tendency toward seasonal migrations, traveling south forthe winter. The warmer waters show less extensive seasonal movements.

Some coastal animals stay within the territorial limits (an area in which individuals or groups regularly move to perform dailyactivities). The home ranges may overlap or overlap.


Dolphins are aquatic mammals that live in almost all oceans of the planet. While living in the open sea was also close to thebeach, but without reaching the shore.
 The dolphins are classified as species because they look different in terms of size, color or shape of the head.  In the world there are 32 species of dolphinslive on the Mexican coast 17 of them, such as common dolphins and Risso screw.

  Its body is long, have a dorsal fin and two side or pectoral shape and size vary depending on the species concerned.Thus, while the white-sided dolphin is known for its rounded fins, the fraser dolphin is identified by small fields and pointed.

 Dolphins also have flattened tail or caudal fin horizontally. Withit beat the water up and down to scroll and sometimes use it to stay upright for a moment on the surface.
By their fins control the direction and maintain balance while swimming; also used torotate or slide on one side.

  One of the qualities that best distinguishes the dolphin is swimming speed, with some reaching 45 kilometers per hour, equivalent to that you run 700 meters in one minute. Like any other mammal need to maintain constant body temperature, to this end have a large layer of fat under your skin delicate and smooth.
The shape of the snout varies according to species....
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