Delicious cook

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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2010
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Delicious cook
Cooking program

Presenter, Aryeni Díaz:
¬€Welcome everybody to our daily program ´´Delicious Cook´´. My name is Aryeni Diaz and today we have a surprise to you, yes,you our great public that can watch us everyday through this excellent TV channel Sony Entertainment Television. The surprise is that in today’s program we have three different chefs, experts of thekitchen, which are going to teach us how we can make with simple ingredients a refreshing drink, an exquisite food and a delicious dessert. Immediately let me present you our chefs: Dorian García,Arllette Figueroa and Aury Valeza. I will leave you with Dorian who will teach us how to prepare a refreshing drink called Coke punch.
Chef #1, Dorian García: 
¬€Thanks, Aryeni. Today we aregoing to prepare like she already said a Coke punch. Here we have the ingredients:
♣€12 lemons.
♣€2 sour lemons grated.
♣€5 glasses of 8 waterounces.
♣€1 liter of Coke. 
¬€The first thing we have to do is to mix the juice and the lemons grated with the water and leave it resting the whole night. Then, we seep andadd the coke. Finally, we serve it with crushed ice in glasses adorned with little wheels of lemon and at the end you are going to have a refreshing coke punch.
Presenter, Aryeni Díaz:¬€Umm… that looks really nice and I am sure that the taste is wonderful, I think that is a perfect drink for those hotter days that we usually have here in Dominican Republic. Now we are going to a break andthen we come back with Arllette Figueroa, our chef who will teach us how to make a Mostaccioli with meat.
Ileana Castillo:
¬€Hello, my name is Ileana Castillo andthis is another health capsule of our program Delicious Cook. Lemon, took the first place inside the curative, preventive and vitamin contents fruits, making it a great eliminator of toxins and a...
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