Delitos sexuales

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Compliance and local authority. Examiners should be responsible for knowing and adhering to all legal and regulatory requirements of their local jurisdictions. In case of any conflict between theModel Policy and any local practice requirements, the local regulations should prevail. Examiners who work in jurisdictions and programs without local regulations should refer to this Model Policy as aguide.
1.1.1. Compliance with this Model Policy. Although this Model Policy should be considered non-binding and not enforceable by the APA or any local jurisdiction, examiners whose work varies fromthe recommendations of this Model Policy should be prepared to provide justification for doing so.
1.1.2. Compliance with professional standards. Unless prohibited by law, regulation or agencypolicy, all members of the American Polygraph Association (APA) shall comply with the APA Standards of Practice. Additionally, all examiners should be responsible for knowing and adhering to standards ofASTM International.
1.2. Periodic review and modification. This Model Policy should be reviewed and amended periodically in order to remain consistent with emerging information from new empiricalstudies.
2. Evidence-based approach. To the extent possible, this Model Policy relies on knowledge and principles derived from existing research pertaining to polygraph testing, risk assessment, riskmanagement, and sex offender treatment. Examiners should be cautious of field practices based solely on a system of values or beliefs. Some elements of this Model Policy are intended to increaseprofessionalism and reliability among field examiners through the implementation of standardized field practice recommendations in the absence of data from empirical studies.
2.1. Face-valid principles. Whenan evidence-based approach is not possible, the Model
Policy emphasizes face-valid principles pertaining to polygraph testing, field investigation principles and related fields of science. These...
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